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Epitact Double Protection Pads L (42-45) 1 pair

Prevent and relieve pain in the sole of the foot, burning sensation, calluses and limit friction on the Hallux Valgus (bunion), mitigating the pain.

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For you, bunion and plantar pain are associated?

It is not surprising: when the deformation is large enough, the big toe is no longer able to perform the support function. The pressures are then transferred under the foot, at the base of the 2nd and 3rd toes. In these areas of hyper support, the consequences are felt quickly: a bunion is formed and calluses appear. It becomes painful to walk. The objective is, then, to protect the bony growth that is the "bunion" and also to distribute the pressures under the foot. This is what EPITACT® double protection cushions do.


EPITHELIUM 26® is a silicone gel, patented by podiatrists, whose viscoelastic and mechanical characteristics are similar to skin tissues. It distributes the body weight over the entire support zone and replaces the natural plantar layer, which is weakened, in addition to limiting friction in the bunion area.


The thickness of the bunion protection, just 1mm of gel, allows you to benefit from the advantages of EPITHELIUM 26®, without inducing additional pressures on the bunion. The plantar protection has a thickness of 2.2 mm, which allows the body weight to be distributed over the entire support zone and replace the natural plantar layer, which is weakened.


Even if washed regularly, they can be used daily, for several months. Sold in pairs.


the double protection cushions are simple protections. They are not intended to correct the hallux valgus.


For greater comfort, place directly in contact with the skin on both feet. (unless there is an unprotected wound).

The printed area of the fabric should be in contact with the sole of the foot. Never put it backwards.

Place your foot on the double protection cushion, fitting it between the big toe and the second toe.

For better conservation, use with “leotard” or socks on top. They must be wide enough to prevent compression of the feet.


Machine washable at 40 ° C, inside the supplied washing bag, or manually (without rubbing).

Allow to dry naturally. Do not iron.


Silicone, woven in polyamide / elastane.


The product was subjected to all tests imposed by European legislation, with the objective of obtaining the CE mark (ISO 10993-1 standard). If an incident occurs, you should immediately stop using the product and inform Millet Innovation.

Do not use on unprotected wounds.

Cases of people suffering from arteritis, diabetes, polyneuritis, lower limb neuropathy or ulcers: ask your doctor or podiatrist, then monitor your foot during use. The tissue between the 1st and 2nd toes can be a source of friction.

Not recommended for diabetics and people suffering from arteritis.