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Epitact Corrector Bunion

Limit and correct the deviation of the big finger (Hallux valgus), aligning it.

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Although extremely marked, determined hallux valgus do not cause joint pain. On the other hand, if the deformation is large, it may be the case that the big toe has an irritating tendency to stick to the adjacent toe. In addition to the difficulty in wearing shoes, another problem may arise associated with this pathology: the formation of calluses and calluses between the 2 toes. In that case, it is essential to separate them ...


The corrector allows you to align the big finger, avoiding overlapping on the adjacent fingers. It is made with EPITHELIUM ™, whose properties of pressure distribution and friction inhibition have been widely proven. The flexible material and the shape of the corrector, perfectly adapted to the foot, allow immediate comfort.


About 2 months (respecting the instructions for use).

Directions for use:

• To obtain a broker, position two half-brokers against each other.

• Place the corrector thus obtained between the big toe and the 2nd toe, with the widest part at the top or bottom, depending on the comfort felt.


• Wash by hand, without rubbing.

• Allow to dry naturally.


• This product has undergone all tests provided for by ISO 10993-1. If, despite this, allergic reactions are observed, the use of the product should be stopped immediately and the company MILLET Innovation should be informed.

• Do not use on an unprotected wound.

• In the case of people suffering from arteritis, diabetes, polynevritis, neuropathy of the lower limbs or varicose ulcers: never use the product on a wound, keep an eye on the foot during use and, in any case, ask your doctor or podiatrist.