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Omnimatrix 20g

Omnimatrix 20g

Healing promoting cream.

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Omnimatrix favors skin healing by providing the skin's regenerative cells with nutritious elements, stimulating factors for their multiplication, as well as an antiseptic environment.

Omnimatrix is a topical cream for any animal species designed with non-irritating excipients - suitable for application to open wounds - zinc oxide and 9 herbal extracts with healing properties.

Promoter of wound healing, skin abrasions, extensive skin loss, burns, ulcers, superficial suppurative dermatitis, accentures, wounds with excess granulation (proud flesh).

Preventively in places where the skin is subject to systematic aggression with risk of injury (in saddle supports in horses and in harness supports in dogs of Mushing).

Posology and method of administration:

Clean the lesion and the surrounding skin before applying the ointment. If there are scabs, they should be washed gently until completely removed.

Apply Omnimatrix so that a thin protective layer of cream remains on the surface. In dressings without dressing, apply Omnimatrix at least twice a day. The duration of use should be as long as necessary, until the skin regains a normal appearance.