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Cosequin Advanced 250 tablets

Suitable for dogs with joint problems.

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Cosequin Advanced it is indicated for dogs with joint problems or with risk factors for the development of osteoarthritis (obesity, trauma, old age, intense exercise, giant breeds or after joint surgery).

Cosequin is a nutritional supplement specially formulated to protect the joints and return the fluidity of movements, without the adverse effects that analgesics have. Cosequin advances should be administered for a long time and to help ingestion, the tablets are palatable making their administration easier.

Active substances: glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid.

Chondroitin, fundamental in the cartilage that involves the joints and has the function of correct hydration, maintaining the elasticity and flexibility of the joint and thus preventing the deterioration of the cartilage.

Glucosamine HCl stimulates the synthesis of cartilage glycosaminoglycans, especially in senior dogs, prevents cartilage reduction and improves joint mobility.

Hyaluronic acid is the main component of synovial fluid: it reduces cartilage degradation and increases joint flexibility.

Cosequin advanced is ideal in cases of: joint pain, limping, difficulty getting up, difficulty going up and down stairs or dogs that show pain when they touch you.

Board of directors:

Initial period (4-6 weeks)

  • 7 - 15 kg - 1 tablet daily
  • 16 - 30 kg - 2 tablets daily
  • > 30 kg - 3 tablets per day

Maintenance period

  • 7 - 15 kg - ½ tablet daily
  • 16 - 30 kg - 1 tablets daily
  • > 30 kg - 1-2 tablets per day

Administer before, during (together with the daily ration) or after the animal's meals.

Administer daily for 40 days. You can repeat 2 or 3 cycles per year, at the discretion of the veterinarian. In animals with chronic diseases, a maintenance dose may be given with a smaller number of tablets.