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Patta Complexo Alergias 60comprimidos
Patta Complexo Alergias 60comprimidos

Patta Allergies Complex 60 tablets

Reduces inflammation and itching. For dogs and cats.

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Patta Allergies Complex it is indicated for animals that present allergic symptoms (itching, inflammation, localized wounds due to excessive scratching).


  • Suitable in case of food allergy, during vaccination periods (administration is recommended 2 days before and 2 days after vaccination), in cases of eczema, urticaria and as a complement or natural alternative in animals that are undergoing treatment with corticosteroids or antihistamines.
  • With quercetin, beta-glucans and bromelain.

Directions for use:

Dogs and cats weighing up to 10kg: 1/2 tablet, 2x daily. Dogs: 1 tablet for every 10kg, 2x a day. Administer outside meals. Recommended period of use: 3 to 8 weeks.