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OTC Jug Oral Paste 60ml

OTC Jug Oral Paste 60ml

Oral paste to help the horse replace electrolyte loss caused by heavy sweating.

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OTC Jug is an oral paste that helps the horse to replace the loss of electrolytes caused by intense sweating while providing vitamins, amino acids and minerals used during competitions or intense exercise.


  • Provides the animal with electrolytes, 17 amino acids and vitamins.
  • Provides rehydration, its high content of electrolytes favors rehydration of the animal after excessive sweating.
  • It provides energy through the sugars it contains.
  • It reduces fatigue, through the contribution of vitamin B that helps to reduce the production of lactic acid.
  • It helps in the formation of muscle proteins due to its high amino acid content.
  • It promotes the synthesis of red blood cells due to its composition in Iron, Copper and B vitamins.

Dosage and route of administration: Offer the horse a dosing syringe to the back of the animal's mouth, to ensure that it ingests the desired amount. Before or after training, exercise or moderate work offer half a syringe. In cases of intense exercise or high temperatures, offer a complete syringe.