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Neumox Oral Paste 12ml

Supplement for sport horses, focused on the protection of alveolar blood capillaries.

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Neumox is a supplement for sport horses, focused on protecting the alveolar blood capillaries, to reduce the risk of pulmonary hemorrhage and improve the animal's respiratory function, thus making its sporting performance more profitable.


  • It has a diuretic, hemostatic and hypotensive action that reduces blood pressure and the risk of bleeding.
  • It has an anti-inflammatory action that reduces chronic inflammation of the capillaries and heals those that are injured.
  • It has a bronchodilator action, which decreases respiratory effort, increases ventilatory capacity and promotes pulmonary gas exchange, thus improving your metabolism.
  • It helps improve muscle oxygenation and optimizes your performance.

Posology and route of administration:

Give the horse a syringe two hours before the sporting event. For maximum efficiency, you can administer one more syringe 24 hours before the competition.

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