WeFiber 225g

WeFiber 225g

Complementary food for dogs and cats composed of soluble and insoluble fibers, pre and probiotics, to help maintain the natural balance of the intestine.

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WeFiber was specially developed for regulating intestinal peristalsis and preventing impaction of anal glands.


  • Indicated for use in: Regularization of fecal volume; Prevention of Anal Gland Impaction; Constipation and weight control; Malabsorption and post-diarrhea rehydration; Repopulation and maintenance of post-diarrhea microbiota and/or the use of antibiotics; Inflammatory bowel diseases and megacolon; Processes associated with immune deficiencies and Support in intestinal disorders in senior animals.
  • Contains: Psyllium, oat bran, yeast products (mannanoligosaccharides, nucleotides and beta-glucans), glutamine, Enterecocos faecium, hydrolyzed animal protein, magnesium stearate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, bentonite, minerals (zinc, iron) and natural aromas.

Directions for use:

Animals up to 10kg – ½ scoop of WeFiber per day; Animals from 10 to 20kg – 1 scoop of WeFiber per day; Animals from 21 to 30kg – 1½ scoops of WeFiber per day; Animals from 31 to 40kg – 2 scoops of WeFiber per day; Animals over 40kg – 3 scoops of WeFiber per day. Add the recommended dose of powder to the food and mix well. Suitable for dogs and cats. Adjust to the specific weight of the animal. Administer WeFiber® for a period of 3 to 12 weeks, until digestive disturbances disappear. Keep water available at all times.