Anima-Strath Fortifying 100ml

Anima-Strath Fortifying 100ml

Complementary food 100% natural for all animals.

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Anima-Strath is a complementary compound food, 100% natural for all animals, based on vegetable yeast.


  • Prepared in a modern Swiss laboratory, according to a patented process and based on proven scientific research, Anima-Strath does not contain artificial additives or chemical preservatives.
  • It has a good tolerance and can be administered without interruption, as it does not cause addiction.
  • The dosage can be adapted on a case-by-case basis, depending on the animal's needs.
  • Its complete composition comprises 61 different vital substances (20 amino acids, 11 vitamins, 19 minerals / trace elements and 11 reconstituting substances) in biological balance. These substances stimulate digestion and therefore the maximum use of food.
  • Increases and strengthens resistance / immune defense - protects against infections
  • Provides healthy, shiny coat and plumage - provides support during spring and summer molting
  • Stimulates appetite, balances the digestive system and increases its effectiveness - promotes healthy intestinal flora and improves food digestibility, promoting the absorption of vital nutrients
  • Stimulates vitality - speeds up recovery after illness, shortening the recovery period
  • Stimulates and sustains all metabolism - ideal for breeding and breeding, promoting balanced growth and development
  • Improves energy supply to muscles - ideal for sports activities, improves performance and reduces recovery time after increased physical demands
  • Regulates and balances the nervous system - helps in situations of stress and nervousness or strange eating environments.

Directions for use:

Depending on the size of the animal, the recommended daily dose varies: Small animals (50 kg) - Ex: cattle, cattle, horses: 20 ml / day (4 teaspoons). Reinforce the dosage if necessary. It can be administered for long periods of time, without any risk of addiction or overdose. It can be administered in several ways: Natural - directly in the mouth, with syringe, spoon, etc; Mixed in the daily ration; Mixed in the water. Caution: If mixed with water, it must be renewed at least once a day, in order not to alter the organoleptic properties of the product or create a deposit.