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Panacur 2.5% Oral suspension 1 liter

Panacur 2.5% Oral suspension 1 liter

Deworming for sheep and goats.

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Medicinal product subject to veterinary prescription. (970 Items)
Medicinal product subject to veterinary prescription. (970 Items)
✓ Medicinal product subject to veterinary prescription.
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Panacur 2.5% is indicated for sheep and goat infestations by gastrointestinal, pulmonary and tapeworm nematodes, namely:

  • Haemonchus spp Chabertia spp
  • Ostertagia spp
  • Bunostomum spp
  • Trichostrongylus spp
  • Gaigeria pachyscelis
  • Cooperia spp
  • Trichuris spp
  • Nematodirus spp
  • Strongyloides spp
  • Oesophagostomum spp
  • Dictyocaulus filaria
  • Moniezia spp

Active substance: Fenbendazole 25 mg

Fenbendazole is an anthelmintic belonging to the group of carbamate-benzimidazoles and as such it acts by interfering in the energy metabolism of the nematode. The anthelmintic efficacy is due to the inhibition of the polymerization of tubulin to microtubulin. The anthelmintic drug is effective both in the larval stages and in the adult stages of gastrointestinal and respiratory nematodes.

Posology and route of administration:

Oral administration.

Administer 5 mg fenbendazole / kg body weight corresponding to 1 ml per 5 kg body weight, in the case of infection with gastrointestinal and pulmonary nematodes.

Administer 10 mg of fenbendazole / kg of body weight corresponding to 2 ml per 5 kg of body weight, in case of infections by tapeworms.

Before use, the suspension should be well stirred and ready to be administered without the need for any dilution.

The veterinary medicinal product can be administered with the aid of usual dosing devices for collective application.

Because it is a veterinary medicinal product subject to medical prescription, we request to send it to the email: [email protected]