Clorohexidina 1% 500ml

Chlorhexidine 1% 500ml

Supporting action in the treatment of infection and healing.

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Chlorhexidine 1% is a product for veterinary use in the form of a blue colored solution that acts as a disinfectant.


  • Its indications for use are: adjuvant to the healthy healing of skin wounds, in the cleaning of abscesses, in the hygiene and treatment of skin infections, such as pyoderma or dermatophytosis, caused by bacterial or fungal pathogens susceptible to chlorhexidine (ex: Staphyloccocus intermedius); adjuvant in healing and prophylactic prevention of umbilical cord infections, in oral hygiene and topical treatment of gingivitis in dogs and cats, in the cleaning and treatment of otitis in dogs and cats in the topical treatment of infections in the scales or mouth caused by fungi susceptible to chlorhexidine in reptiles and in addition to topical treatment and prophylactic prevention of candidiasis and infections of the upper respiratory tract in pigeons.
  • Destination species: Mammals, reptiles, carrier pigeons, songbirds and other birds.
  • Composition: Chlorhexidine digluconate 20% 50 mg.