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LetiAT4 Intensive 100ml
LetiAT4 Intensive 100ml

Leti AT4 Intensive 100ml

Intensive cream for atopic skin.

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Highly emollient cream, supporting the treatment of the four signs of atopic skin: dryness, itching, irritation and risk of overinfection.

LetiAT4® Intensive incorporates a scientific innovation (Pro-filaggrin matrix system) that favors the synthesis of structural proteins (Filagrina) of the skin barrier and restores the lipid barrier. Fragrance-free and steroid-free.

Specific for outbreaks of atopy. Coadjuvant to treatment with corticosteroids.

Babies, children and adults with very dry and / or atopic skin

Directions for use:

Apply daily to the skin as often as necessary.