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Epitact Sport Plant Protection Size M

They relieve pain under the foot and allow you to continue playing sports.

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Epitact Sport Plantar Protection were designed especially for sports that put a lot of stress on the front of the foot (tennis, football, walking, running…).


  • They are made of a silicone gel, just 1.7mm thick, which has been specially developed to effectively distribute pressure and absorb friction, without creating instability under the forefoot. In this way, they prevent the risk of overheating, burning, blistering and calluses.
  • They relieve pain and allow you to continue practicing sports, maintaining high performance.
  • They were specially designed for use in sports where the forefoot is heavily used (tennis, football, walking, running...). Its grip is perfect thanks to a support strap with self-locking points (inside), associated with a silicone mesh that creates an anchor with the shoe (on the outside). Very comfortable, the foot protectors adapt to all footwear.
  • Machine wash at 40°C or by hand (no rubbing), let dry naturally. Do not iron.


The product has been subject to all regulatory tests imposed by the ISO 10993-1 standard for products that come into contact with the skin. If, however, any skin reaction occurs, it is advisable to stop using it immediately and inform MILLET Innovation. Do not use over an unprotected wound. In the case of people suffering from arteritis, diabetes, polyneuritis, neuropathy of the lower limbs: do not use the product.

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