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Epitact Orthosis Correction for Bunion M

Epitact Orthosis Correction for Bunion M

Slows, corrects and reduces the formation of bunions.

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Epitact Orthosis Correction for Bunions is adapted to all types of shoes, thanks to its patented design, ultra thin and flexible. Its ergonomics, with EPITHELIUM™ FLEX technology, acts on all the factors that aggravate deformation during walking.


  • It allows the smoothing of the big toe and also the reduction of pressure on the bunion, relieving joint pain and limiting its evolution.
  • It also allows the first metatarsal to be pushed, inhibiting the crushing and widening of the forefoot and correcting the "hallux valgus" (bunion).
  • This orthosis can be used as a treatment but also as a prevention to limit the evolution of hallux valgus thanks to the correction of the axis of the big toe.
  • Composition: 58% silicone, 42% polyamide/elastane fabric.
  • Machine wash at 40°C, inside the wash bag provided for this purpose, or wash by hand (no rubbing).

Usage advice:

First of all, check if the big toe can move laterally. Do not use this product overnight. The orthosis can be used indifferently on the right or left foot.