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Epitact Penso Calos 3unidades
Epitact Penso Calos 3unidades

Epitact Dressing Calluses 3 units

Relieves calluses and calluses on the sole of the foot.

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The calluses and the calluses they form in areas of excessive pressure. From the moment the pressure is removed, the skin interrupts this keratinization process, that is, the callus formation. This is precisely the function of the X3 callus protections: by distributing the pressures under the foot, they thus limit the appearance of calluses. Self-adhesive and repositionable, they are practical in all types of shoes.

Dressings recommended for the relief of corns and calluses, through the action of the Epithelium® Activ gel, leaving the skin soft and hydrated by the material's occlusiveness. Very thin, the dressings can be used in all types of shoes, open or closed.

Directions for use

Protections should be used on clean, dry skin.

• Remove a protection from the metallic housing.

• Carefully remove the protective film that covers the adherent face.

• Apply the adhesive side to the skin, taking care to cover the callus well.

• Exert a slight pressure on the protection, to reinforce the grip to the foot.

• Gently wear socks, sockets or pantyhose.

• Keep the device fixed in place, during the day.

• Remove the protection at night and put it in the proper case for the purpose, keeping it inside the metallic case, until the next day.

• Each protection can be used, on average, for 5 days (or five times).

To obtain maximum effectiveness, it is advisable to apply the protection daily, until the callus is removed.


Protections can be washed with soap and water. Do not rub and allow to air dry.


• Protections must not be applied to wounds or mucous membranes.

• In case of allergic reaction or intense irritative reaction, immediately discontinue treatment.