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Epitact I Dress Bunions 2units

Epitact I think bunions, avoid friction and pain associated with bunions.

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Epitact Dressing Bunions relieve pain immediately after application, thanks to the properties of the silicone gel capable of distributing pressure and reducing friction at the source of the pain. Due to their thin thickness, they can be used with any type of footwear. Suitable for diabetics.


  • Thanks to the gel they make up, they distribute pressure in this sensitive area and limit conflicts between the shoe and the foot.
  • Ideal for people who find it difficult to support their shoes, even when they are big.

Usage advice:

Protections should be used on clean, dry skin. Remove a protection from the metallized casing. Carefully remove the protective film covering the adherent face. Apply the adhesive side to the skin, taking care to cover the hallux valgus (bunion) area well. Apply light pressure on the protection to reinforce the grip on the foot. Gently wear socks, sockets or pantyhose. Keep the device fixed in place during the day. Remove the protection at night and place it in the special case, keeping it inside the metallic wrapper, until the next day. Each protection can be used, on average, for 5 days (or five times).

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