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Epitact Fingerprint Size L

Epitact Dedeira is indicated for pain relief caused by corns and ingrown nails

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Epitact Dedeira includes a patented silicone gel that distributes pressure and limits external aggressions. Indispensable in the medicine cabinet to relieve and constitute a treatment for pain related to pulp calluses, “blue nails” and ingrown nails.


  • Composition: 62% silicone, 38% polyamide/elastane fabric.
  • It is recommended to relieve pain caused by calluses on the fingertips, ingrown toenails and blue nails.
  • It distributes the pressures, being present throughout the entire finger.
  • It is inserted between 2 layers of fabric for greater resistance to wear.
  • The thimble relieves pain and limits the development of calluses on the fingertips.
  • It is recommended in prevention (before a long walk, etc.) or in treatment, in order to relieve pain due to the pressure exerted by footwear.
  • Easy to put on, it is positioned inside out at the tip of the toe and unfolds progressively.
  • The toothpick is hand washable and lasts for approximately 1 to 2 months, depending on the conditions of use.

Usage advice:

Easy to put on, it is positioned inside out at the tip of the finger and unfolds progressively. The toothpick should be removed overnight to avoid the risk of maceration. Never cut the thimble, at the risk of damaging it and altering its effectiveness. Even when used daily, it has a shelf life of 1-2 months. Hand washable (no rubbing). Let it dry naturally. Do not iron.

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