Epiact Sport Kneepad M

Epiact Sport Kneepad M

Patella support and knee stabilization.

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Epitact Sport Knee Pad is a knee pad designed for sports. It can be used in times of pain to help relieve your knee but also as a long-term prevention.


  • It has been specially designed for use in unidirectional sports (walking, running, cross-country skiing, cycling, mountain biking...). It can be used during the painful syndrome period to relieve knee pain but also as a long-term prevention.
  • Combined with high-performance REFLEX compression fabric, it improves kneecap support and knee stability.
  • The knee brace allows you to continue your activities, without the fear of feeling pain again or having a relapse. The protection of the fragile knee allows not to accumulate all the mechanical efforts on the other knee and, at the same time, avoid injuries.
  • It acts dynamically following the movement, thus preserving its muscular capital.
  •  The knee brace does not slip and does not cause any discomfort in the posterior region of the knee (popliteal hollow). Ultra-light (-60 g) and extra-thin, it can be worn under any type of clothing.
  • Machine wash at 40ºC or by hand (no rubbing).
  • Let it dry naturally. Do not iron.


Do not use in case of arteritis, severe varicose vein disease, sequelae of phlebitis or edema (lymphatic/venous) of the leg and/or thigh, so as not to impede circulation. Do not wear with compression stockings. Do not use on a skin lesion.