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Wet Nasal Gel 20ml

Wet Nasal Gel 20ml

Hydration of the mucosa in dry nasal situations.

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The nasal mucosa plays a very important role in breathing, as it guarantees the filtration, humidification and heating of the air that is inspired. In order to carry out these processes properly, the mucosa must be coated with a thin aqueous layer that keeps it moist, despite the constant passage of air that tends to dry this same mucosa.

Instructions for use:

The WET® Gel bottle does not contain propellant gases that can destroy the ozone layer. So, for the bottle to be ready for use, you must hold the bottle upright and spray several times (5 to 10 times) until the gel starts to come out. This operation must be carried out before the first application, and it is not necessary to repeat it before the following applications.

1. Remove the applicator cap.

2. Insert the applicator into the nostril, keeping the other nostril covered.

3. Spray once or twice, as needed.

4. Rub the nose to distribute the gel evenly inside.

5. Repeat the operation on the other nostril.

6. Clean the applicator carefully.

WET® Gel can be used frequently and for long periods of time.


Hypersensitivity to the product.