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Wet Nasal Spray 4x15ml

Hydration of the mucosa in dry nasal situations.

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Wet Mini Nasal Spray is a cleaning and moisturizing spray for nasal cavities. Suitable for the whole family, including babies.


  • Ensures correct breathing through the nasal passages.
  • It maintains the thin layer of moisture on the mucosa.
  • Eliminates dryness caused by smoke, dry air, air conditioning, heating and other agents.
  • Deeply cleanses the nasal cavities.
  • Ideal for babies and children.
  • With an applicator.
  • Contains 4 15 ml (4x15ml) multi-dose vials.

Usage advice:

Insert a bottle of Wet Mini Nasal Spray into the nasal applicator and spray into each nostril once or twice. Use each bottle within a maximum of one month after opening.

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