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Tena Discreet Maxi 12 units

Designed for women with moderate to severe urine leakage. With Instadry for quick absorption.

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Tena Discreet Maxi with a unique immediate absorption zone offers triple protection against leakage, odors and moisture. Tena Discreet Maxi is super safe and much more absorbent than a menstrual pad, specifically designed for maximum protection so you feel instantly dry and comfortable.


  • The Fresh Odor Control system helps to avoid unwanted odor: Tena Discreet pads have the Fresh Odor Control system. This unique design of fresh micro-beads reduces the development of bacteria that produce ammonia, thus reducing odor. This product offers discretion while providing comfort and dignity.
  • Dermatologically tested: all materials that make up the product are dermatologically tested to be safe and gentle on the skin.
  • More delicate and drier surface in contact with the skin: the silky smooth surface was designed with a soft and delicate material with a textile feel that immediately removes moisture, keeping the user dry and contributing to good skin health.
  • The Tena Discreet is anatomically shaped for discretion and comfort: The Tena Discreet offers not only protection, but also comfort and discretion. Tena Discreet pads are anatomically shaped, designed to make the user feel comfortable while using protection.
  • Soft side elastic shapes the pad for a snug fit: Soft side elastic helps the Tena Discreet pad follow the contours of the body, providing the wearer with additional leak protection and enhanced comfort.
  • Soft, breathable textile outer material helps maintain skin health: Tena Discreet has a soft, 100% breathable outer material that allows air to circulate, contributing to skin health. The breathability of the product improves the wearer's comfort and makes the wearer feel dry and fresh.
  • Individually packaged: Each Tena Discreet pad is individually packaged, meaning it can be discreetly transported and conveniently disposed of.
  • Length: 38 cm.

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