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TENA Shampoo Cap 1 unidade
TENA Shampoo Cap 1 unidade

TENA Shampoo Cap 1 unit

A soft shampoo and conditioner in a disposable cap.

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A convenient care and cleaning solution for the hair of people who are bedridden, fragile and without mobility - no need to rinse or dry.

Washing of hair in bed. It allows daily cleaning care of the hair of people with less mobility or bedridden. It is also ideal for use between showers and full baths.

No need to rinse. An effective alternative to shampoo and water, without the need to rinse or dry after use.

Convenient and comfortable. Disposable, quick and easy to use. Contains a mild shampoo and conditioner. It can be heated in the microwave for greater comfort.

Promotes scalp health. Dermatologically tested. Helps maintain the natural pH of the scalp. No alcohol and no soap.

Soft aroma. Helps to leave hair feeling fresh and clean.