Frontline Spray 100ml

Frontline Spray 100ml

External dewormer for dogs and cats.

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Frontline is a non-systemic product, unique of its kind, which kills fleas and ticks by contacting the parasite with the molecule present in your pet's skin. After application, it does not enter the bloodstream, concentrating on the skin fat being stored in the sebaceous glands. It is thus characterized by its ability to be stored for several weeks after application, which makes it resistant to rain, baths and shampoos. It acts on the nervous system of the parasite, which dies from nervous hyperexcitation.

Usage indications:

Fleas: Kill adult fleas within 24 hours of their arrival on the animal. It guarantees double safety: it also prevents contamination of the environment by flea eggs and larvae.

Ticks: They eliminate more than 90% of ticks within 48 hours of their arrival at the animal, limiting the risk of disease transmission. This risk, in most cases, occurs 48 hours after the tick starts the blood meal.

Lice: Kill the lice present on the animal, within 48 hours.


It is important to make regular applications throughout the year, even before observing the presence of fleas or ticks, in order to avoid the installation of the parasite's life cycle in the environment. It is recommended to apply the product to all animals in the house, even those that do not go outside.

Usage advice:

Apply in the opposite direction to hair growth, ensuring that the coat and skin are wet. The usual recommended dose is 3 to 6 ml per kilo of weight (depending on the length of the coat). A 100 ml spray bottle allows for a treatment of a dog weighing approximately 15 to 20 kilos. In case of strong parasitic risk or in animals with long and/or thick fur, apply the maximum dose (6ml/Kg). To better apply the product to young animals, nervous animals, and the head area of ​​all animals, it is recommended to place the product on a cotton pad and then rub the area of ​​the animal's body to be treated. 100ml bottle: 6 to 12 sprays per kilo of weight. 250 and 500ml bottles: 2 to 4 sprays per kilo of weight.