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Frontline Spray 250ml

External dewormer for dogs and cats.

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FRONTLINE® is a non-systemic product, unique in its kind, that kills fleas and ticks by contact of the parasite with the molecule present in your animal's skin. After application, FRONTLINE® does not enter the bloodstream, concentrating on the skin's fat being stored in the sebaceous glands.

FRONTLINE® is thus characterized by its storage capacity for several weeks after application, which gives it resistance to rain, baths and shampoos.

Fleas and ticks are killed by contact with the insecticide / acaricide molecule present on your pet's skin.

FRONTLINE® acts on the parasite's nervous system, which dies from nervous hyperexcitation.

FRONTLINE® eliminates:


FRONTLINE Combo®, FRONTLINE® Spot-On and FRONTLINE® Spray kill adult fleas within 24 hours of arrival.

FRONTLINE Combo® guarantees double security: it also prevents contamination of the environment by eggs and flea larvae.


FRONTLINE Combo®, FRONTLINE® Spot-On and FRONTLINE® Spray eliminate over 90% ticks within 48 hours of arrival, limiting the risk of disease transmission.

This risk, in most cases, occurs 48 hours after the tick starts the blood meal.


FRONTLINE Combo®, FRONTLINE® Spot-On and FRONTLINE® Spray kill the lice present in the animal, within 48 h.

Infestations by lice they are less commonly seen in urban areas, while still being a considerable problem in rural areas.

If your pet has been infested with lice, you will notice that it itches, that it has localized hair loss and, in more severe cases, has some skin changes. Nits and sometimes even adults can easily be seen in affected animals.

The Frontline® range is effective in eliminating lice in dogs and cats.


There are other external parasites that also affect animals, with varying degrees of importance and intensity.

We highlight here the changes caused by several species of mites: Otodectes cynotis (causal agent of external otitis); Sarcoptes scabiei (responsible for the appearance of a type of scabies);Trombicula automnalis; Cheyletiella spp.

Any of these parasitic conditions can be overcome by the application of some products, namely FRONTLINE® Spray.

Spray application method:

Apply in the opposite direction to hair growth, ensuring that the coat and skin are wet.

The usual recommended dose is 3 to 6 ml per kilogram of weight (depending on the hair length).

Example: A spray bottle of 100 ml allows a treatment of a dog weighing approximately 15 to 20 kilos.

In case of strong parasitic risk or in animals with long and / or thick coat, apply FRONTLINE® Spray in the maximum dose (6ml / Kg).

To better apply the product to young animals, nervous animals, and the head area of all animals, it is recommended to place the product on a cotton wool and then rub the area of the body of the animal to be treated.

Number of sprays
100 ml bottle: 6 to 12 sprays per kilogram of weight
250 and 500 ml bottles: 2 to 4 sprays per kilogram of weight

Example: For a 40 kg Labrador, 80 to 160 sprays should be applied with the 250 or 500 ml bottle


It is important to make regular applications and throughout the year, even before observing the presence of fleas or ticks, in order to avoid the installation of the parasite's life cycle in the environment.

With the products in the FRONTLINE® range, it is possible to carry out effective controls in all circumstances.

It is recommended to apply the product to all animals in the house, even those that do not go abroad.

Choose the product that best adapts to the weight of each animal. Do not hesitate to weigh your pet regularly in order to avoid dosing errors.

In the case of dogs weighing more than 60 kg, a combination of pipettes appropriate to the weight of the animal should be applied.

FRONTLINE® is indicated for use in pregnant and lactating bitches and cats. Treating the mother before the birth of the offspring provides them with essential protection.

FRONTLINE® Spray can be used from 2 days of life, without weight restrictions.

FRONTLINE® Spot-On and FRONTLINE Combo® can be used in:
Kittens over 8 weeks or over 1 kg
Puppies over 8 weeks or over 2 kg

The effectiveness of FRONTLINE® is maintained in cases of baths and shampoos: as long as we respect a period of 48 hours before and after application, even with weekly baths.

Since FRONTLINE® is a product suitable for both dogs and cats, there is no risk of treated animals being in contact. Care should only be taken that animals do not lick themselves or that others lick it after application.