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Scholl Antifungal Nail Treatment 3.8ml

Scholl Antifungal Nail Treatment 3.8ml

Eliminates nail fungus in 4 weeks. It helps to prevent the infection from spreading and reappearing.

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Scholl Antifungal Nail Treatment suitable for treating mild mycotic nail infections.


  • Contains 5 disposable files clinically tested to gently remove the superficial layer of the infected nail, allowing: to reduce the fungal load; improve the appearance of the nail; increase the absorption capacity of the antifungal liquid.
  • The Application Mechanism without reuse provides the first preventive measure. Do not forget to discard the file after use. Using the same file on several occasions on the infected nail can cause a new infection.
  • Antifungal liquid: The advanced formula penetrates the deep part of the nail to eliminate infection from the beginning; decreases the pH of the medium, creating an inhospitable environment for the fungus, leading to its elimination; it contains urea, glycerin and panthenol, which, by breaking the connections of the cells of the nail plate, create canias that increase the permeability of the nail; contains moisturizing agents that moisturize the nail, increasing its flexibility and the penetration of the liquid; creates a protective film on the nail surface, which acts as a physical barrier, preventing the infection from spreading and protecting against recurrences.

Directions for use:

Two-stage treatment:

Phase 1: Treatment Phase (4 weeks) - Eliminate nail fungus. Week 1 - File the infected nail surface once a week. Discard the file after use. Apply the liquid daily to the infected nail. Wait 5 minutes before putting on socks or shoes or before going to bed. Repeat on weeks 2, 3 and 4.

Phase 2: Protection phase (9 months) - Prevent the spread and recurrence of the infection. Apply the liquid to the infected nail once a week for 9 months or until the discoloration is gone.

Visible results: At the end of the treatment phase, the level of discoloration of the nails will have decreased. After 9-12 months, which is the average time required for complete toenail growth, the discoloration will have disappeared and the nail will have regained its natural appearance without showing any signs of fungal infection.