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VSL3 10 sachets

VSL3 10 sachets

Probiotic for restoring and maintaining intestinal flora.

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The intestine is home to billions of bacteria, and it is important that there is a healthy balance between good and harmful types (microbial balance). Probiotics are living microorganisms (often called good bacteria) that can provide a health benefit when consumed.

VSL # 3 works in the gut in 3 different ways:

  • Helps establish microbial balance
  • Helps support the mucus layer that prevents harmful bacteria from entering the intestine
  • Helps stimulate the body's natural response to harmful bacteria

VSL # 3 is up to 45 times more potent than the main OTC dietary supplements prescribed.

There are 8 different strains of live bacteria in VSL # 3 with the ability to survive the aggressive stomach environment.

Scientific studies suggest that a combination of multiple types of good bacteria can provide benefits that cannot be achieved with probiotics from a single strain.

VSL # 3 is indicated for patients with ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome or pouchitis.

Directions for use:

1-2 sachets per day, mixed with cold food or soft drinks.

Store in the cold at 2º-8ºc. The product can remain at room temperature for 1 week without any changes in its activity.