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Electrolit 3x250ml
Electrolit 3x250ml
Electrolit 3x250ml
Electrolit 3x250ml

Electrolit 3x250ml

Solution for oral rehydration.

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Electrolit is a liquid oral rehydration solution for infants, children and adults, adjusting to nutritional needs, in the correction of water and mineral loss due to diarrhea and / or vomiting.


  • Dietary food for specific medical purposes.
  • Orange flavor.

Directions for use:

If not prescribed otherwise, administer Electrolit as follows: In case of weight loss less than 5%: 50ml per kg of weight, in the first 6 hours. In case of weight loss of 5% to 10%: 100ml per kg of weight, in the first 6 hours. When associated with diarrhea, vomiting occurs, the prescribed dose of Miltina Electrolit should be administered in small amounts, avoiding the ingestion of other fluids containing carbohydrates. During the first day of intake, infants and children up to 15 years old should drink 4 bottles or cups (250 ml) of Electrolit. Adults should drink Electrolit in the required amount during the first day of intake (solution at 14%). This product must be used under medical supervision. Shake before use. Once opened, store in a cool place and consume within 24 hours. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. Electrolit should not be used as a single food source.