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Frileg 60 cápsulas
Frileg 60 cápsulas

Frileg S 60 capsules

Improves venous circulation

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Frileg is a food supplement, comes in the form of capsules and is indicated for venous circulation.

Chronic venous insufficiency is revealed mainly by the sensation of tired and heavy legs, pain, edema (swelling), tingling, cramps and numbness in the lower limbs. Skin changes, varicose veins and ulcerations may also occur. Venous insufficiency can also cause hemorrhoids.

Most frequent causes of loss of muscle tone and elasticity of the veins:
• Age
• Family history
• Overweight and unbalanced food
• Sedentary life
• Spend a lot of time standing
• Pregnancy
• Use of oral contraceptives
• Hormone replacement therapy
• Tight clothing and high heels
• Cross your legs for a long time

Instructions for use:

1 capsule before breakfast and 1 capsule before dinner, with a little water.