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Scholl In-Balance Palmilha Joelho e Calcanhar S 2unidades
Scholl In-Balance Palmilha Joelho e Calcanhar S 2unidades

Scholl In-Balance Insole Knee and Heel S 2 units

It helps to relieve pain in the knees, heels and legs caused by pressure when walking.

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Scholl In-Balance Insole Knee and Heel immediately help to absorb the tension induced by the impact on the lower part of the body.


  • They adapt to the feet to distribute their weight in a balanced way and reduce pressure.
  • They help to stabilize the position of the feet by supporting your natural style of walking.
  • All Insoles for Pain Relief have a movement control structure: the shape and combination of materials suitable to give extra support to specific areas of the feet.
  • The heel works with the arch support to reduce the tension exerted by the lower extremities, which helps to relieve pain in the knees.
  • Structural support of the arch of the foot to reduce excessive swinging of the foot which can cause painful tension in the heel.
  • Available in sizes S (37-39.5), M (40-42) and L (42.5-45).

Directions for use:

Before using, check that the product fits well in the shoe, if necessary remove the existing insole. The heel of the insole should be placed against the back of the shoe and, if necessary, cut the toe to the desired size following the product guidelines. It may take some time for some people to feel comfortable with these insoles. It is necessary that the feet become accustomed to the structural properties of the insole, therefore, it may be necessary to pause its use. If necessary, gradually use the In-Balance Insoles, increasing the number of hours per day until you can use them throughout the day. If the pain persists, discontinue use and consult a professional for advice.