Nutribén Papa Non-Dairy Bottle 4m+ 250g

Nutribén Papa Non-Dairy Bottle 4m+ 250g

Corn porridge recommended to thicken bottle milk or to spoon. Without milk. Suitable for babies with allergies to cow's milk proteins or lactose intolerant.

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Nutribén Non-Dairy Baby Bottle is a gluten-free mono-cereal (corn) baby food, recommended from 4 months to thicken the milk in the bottle or to give it with a spoon.


  • Nutribén's Gluten-free porridge is suitable for introducing cereals into your baby's diet, adjusted to their nutritional needs from 4 months onwards. They are suitable for consumption by celiac babies.
  • Enriched in Vitamins and Minerals.
  • GMO-free.
  • Without palm oil, which makes them safer.
  • Produced exclusively by thermal hydrolysis (a natural process, without chemical processes) which allows: preserving the natural flavor of the cereals; produce less sugar; obtain a porridge that dissolves more easily and quickly, avoiding overdose and consequent overfeeding.
  • Non-dairy porridge does not have milk as one of its ingredients and, therefore, must be prepared with the milk that the baby is drinking, and breast milk can also be used.

Usage advice:

Preparation in the bottle: Pour the baby's warm milk (50ºC) into the bottle, prepared according to the dosage table. Add the amount of porridge recommended by your doctor. Shake the bottle until the flour is completely dissolved.

Preparation on the plate: Place the amount of warm milk (50ºC) for the baby on a plate, indicated in the dosage table. Add the amount of tablespoons of porridge indicated in the dosage table. Stir carefully with a fork until completely dissolved.

Do not add salt or sugar. Before preparing your baby's food, you must wash your hands and the utensils needed for preparation.