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Kinderkraft Tippy Educational Tent

3 in 1 rug with educational tent.

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Kinderkraft Tippy Educational Tent is a 3 in 1: educational rug, tent and independent rug.


  • Exclusive rug with a beautiful design and animal names written in English that can be used in three ways since the child's birth.
  • The unique design and attention to detail add a special charm to each child's room and the rug will change according to the child's playful ideas.
  • The TIPPY educational mat supports child development in the first months of life: it encourages your child to lift his head, to stretch his arms to reach the toys and to roll from the belly to the back; it also improves eye-hand coordination.
  • The set also includes the following toys: a plush orca with a teether, a plush swallow with ribbons, a rattle with a plush sheet, mirror and two rustling toys on the mat.
  • The tent has two windows with fabric curtains that allow you to peek inside and play "hide and seek".
  • The adjustable bars on the mat are made of soft foam, which means that you don't have to worry about your child while they play. The strong stitching and the fact that there are no loose threads mean that your child can be comfortable and safe. It's light, so you can take it with you wherever you want.
  • The TIPPY rug has an interesting design for young children and a larger base than other rugs of this type. This will give your child even more space to play. The rug features continents and animals that live on them. They are written in English, so that, in later years, your child can learn this language freely and naturally while playing.