Medela Microwave Sterilization Bags 5 units

Medela Microwave Sterilization Bags 5 units

Microwave sterilization bags for breast pump and breastfeeding products

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It is important to keep all your breastfeeding and baby feeding accessories clean, and Medela's Quick Clean microwave sterilization bags can help you ensure thorough cleaning. Simply place a small amount of water in one of the Quick Clean sterilization bags, along with the equipment, and place in the microwave.

The steam cleaning that takes place inside the Quick Clean microwave sterilization bag eliminates 99.9% of the most dangerous bacteria and germs, so your bottles, teats, pacifiers and funnels are clean and safe to use again.

Medela microwave sterilization bags provide deep disinfection in about three minutes.

Like a steam sterilizer, these bags really save time. They can also be folded and stored conveniently.

Unique and powerful, the procedure requires only a microwave and some water.

One bag can be used up to 20 times.

  • Fast and safe disinfection of breastfeeding accessories for a healthy baby
  • Save space - small and easy to store
  • Easy to use - all you need is a microwave and water
  • Reusable - are economical and protect the environment