Medela Nipple Trainer 2 units

Medela Nipple Trainers 2 units

Facilitates breastfeeding in cases of flat or inverted nipples.

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Medela Nipple Trainers : If you have inverted or flat nipples, Medela nipple trainers can prepare them for breastfeeding and help your baby latch on.


  • Gentle pressure can help shape inverted or flat nipples to prepare them for breastfeeding.
  • Soft membrane gentle on your skin.
  • Comfortable and snug fit to the breast.
  • A discreet design ensures a natural look under clothing.
  • A universal size for all mothers.
  • BPA free.

Usage advice:

Fit the silicone membrane tightly around the outer shell. Once assembled, place the nipple former inside the bra, with the membrane opening centered over the nipple. The ventilation holes must face upwards.