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POL Fluid 300ml

Emollient and protective fluid for dry and fragile skin.

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POL is a line of products suitable for fragile, dry and injury-prone skin and / or when strong regenerative, emollient and protective action is required.


  • Products formulated on the basis of an innovative and extremely effective technology, Purified Mental Lipids (POL: NEODERM ANGIOGENIC TECHNOLOGY) with a recognized regenerating and protective action that helps to improve skin trophism.
  • Other functional substances help to restore skin functionality and protect the epidermis, normalizing the physiological conditions of dry, fragile and sensitive skin, affected by endogenous and exogenous factors.
  • They are safe because they are very well tolerated, even by the most sensitive and delicate skin.
  • POL Fluid is an emollient and protective emulsion formulated with Purified Oral Lipids (10%). Its fluid formulation makes it especially suitable for extensive skin surfaces of the body (legs, arms, buttocks, chest, back). Triclosan helps to control bacterial proliferation. It also contains Vitamin E and Allantoin, which have an antioxidant and soothing activity.

Directions for use:

Apply to the area of the skin to be treated, massaging gently to promote absorption. Repeat the application as many times a day as necessary.