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Fito Cold Gel Tired Legs 250ml

Enjoy relaxed feathers with a feeling of freshness.

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Fito Cold Gel Legs Tired relieves the feeling of tiredness and feeling of heavy legs, effectively and lastingly.


  • Causes instant relief from symptoms of circulatory disorders.
  • It reduces congestion in the legs and as a consequence lessens the feeling of heavy legs.
  • Soothes the feeling of heat and congestion in legs with circulatory problems. 
  • It is suitable for people who spend a lot of time standing or sitting, without changing their position, or with circulatory problems.
  • It can also be used by sportsmen, recovers and relieves muscle fatigue. No parabens.

Usage advice: 

Apply on the legs, massage gently in an upward direction and leave to act.

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