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Sesderma Sebovalis Gel Facial 50ml
Sesderma Sebovalis Gel Facial 50ml

Sesderma Sebovalis Facial Gel 50ml

Treatment of seborrheic dermatitis, face and body.

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Treatment of seborrheic dermatitis, face and body. Redness and flaking of the face and other areas (chest, back, ears). Problems related to shaving. Avoid the crust.

It contains an optimal combination and concentration of active ingredients that work effectively in the treatment of facial seborrhea.

Lithium Gluconate at 8% has a synergistic effect with Piroctone olamine in inhibiting the proliferation of Pityrosporum ovale.

Glycolic acid hydrates the skin and intervenes in the normalization of the peeling process of seborrheic skin thanks to its exfoliating and keratolytic properties.

Calendula officinalis extract and regaliz extract have moisturizing, soothing and repairing properties that calm the burning sensation on the skin.

Formulated at an appropriate pH so as not to irritate the skin. Non-comedogenic. Non-greasy, lightweight, oil-free that spreads easily. It makes shaving easier.

Directions for use:

Apply to the entire face or to the affected areas, massaging gently with the fingers until completely absorbed.

Can be applied as a make-up base. Apply in the morning, evening or whenever necessary.

As a shaver preparer, apply the night before.