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Sesderma Sebovalis Champô de Tratamento 200ml

Sesderma Sebovalis Treatment Shampoo 200ml

Dandruff, seborrhea and scaling of the scalp.

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Soft treatment shampoo based on anti-dandruff active ingredients (against Pityrosporum Ovale), moisturizing and calming agents (regaliz extract) in a very gentle cleaning base, composed of non-ionic active ingredients, produces foam.

With excellent tolerance and smoothness, it maintains the pH. Cleans, moisturizes, softens, adds shine and volume to hair, leaving it silky, without static electricity and easy to comb.

Indicated for hair with dandruff and seborrhea, it reduces the redness of the scalp and flaking. Relieves itching and irritation of the scalp.

Directions for use:

Apply on the scalp and hair previously moistened with warm water. Perform a light massage and rinse with water. Carry out a second wash. Leave the product to act for 3 minutes, without rubbing or massaging. Rinse with water. Daily use until dandruff disappears, flaking and itching of the scalp.

Given its excellent tolerance, it can be used as long as you wish.

As a maintenance treatment apply twice a week alternating with other shampoos such as Seskavel Frequência or Seskavel glycolic.

Special uses: for people with a tendency to develop redness and facial peeling, it is advisable to apply Sebovalis Shampoo on the entire face for 3 minutes and then rinse. Washing your face with Sebovalis Shampoo 2-3 times a week helps to prevent facial seborrhea.