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Dermoscent Atop 7 Spray 75ml

Dermoscent Atop 7 Spray 75ml

Soothing emulsion for dogs and cats.

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Dermoscent Ato p 7 Spray was formulated based on 100% natural ingredients and with a physiological pH, it is a patented soothing and moisturizing emulsion for canine and feline skin that is irritated or prone to allergies.


  • Soothes the animal's skin by maintaining the skin's barrier function. It helps to rebuild the hydrolipidic film and fight hypersensitivity in irritated skin.
  • Its sub-micron texture (particles between 0.1 and 0.4 µm) results in immediate absorption at the level of the epidermis and an action that lasts for several hours. Thanks to the formation of an invisible and non-occlusive protective film, this product acts as a "second skin".
  • This product does not contain cortisone allowing maximum skin tolerance.
  • It contains hemp vegetable oils rich in essential fatty acids (Ω 3 and 6), cayeputi and tea tree essential oils, as well as a floral extract of caper bud and a rice extract, all of which have a calming action.
  • Now enriched with Cane and Poria Cocos extract combined with PCA (skin's natural moisturizing factor), the formula offers increased hydration and smoothing qualities.

Advice for use:

Shake the bottle before use. Spray directly onto skin one to several times daily as needed. If the cat rejects the application of sprays, the product can be applied with the help of cotton or gauze.