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Dental-B Bars + 20kg 14 units

Dental-B Bars + 20kg 14 units

Palatable bars, with an anti-plaque mechanism that prevent the formation of tartar in your dog.

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Dental B bars are the best solution for your pet's oral hygiene because they replace tooth brushing and only need to be administered on alternate days, working at the same time as great premium cookies.

In addition to the mechanical action, when the animal chews the bar, the RF2 contained in Dental B eliminates and prevents the formation of the bacterial matrix (biofilm) that gives rise to plaque and tartar, allowing quick control of bad breath and the maintenance of a healthy mouth and clean teeth.

Dental B is the only non-bactericidal dental plaque treatment that respects the beneficial oral flora, with superior efficacy, because it contains RF2, an innovative active principle, which eliminates and prevents the appearance of bacterial biofilm.

Usage advice:

The palatable bars should be given by the owner as a prize to the animal, on alternate days, thus allowing a more comfortable use.

Some animals, due to the high palatability of the bars “require” more frequent administration from owners. Other animals, having enough accumulated tartar, can benefit from faster cleaning by giving them a dental-B bar daily. These most frequent administrations are completely safe for the animal.