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Wejoint Plus Paste 30ml

Wejoint Plus Paste 30ml

Complementary paste for dogs and cats, developed for the aid and nutritional support of the joints.

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WeJoint Plus Pasta is a complementary food for dogs and cats, developed to help and support the joints nutritionally.


  • Recommended for growing animals, animals with high physical activity and any type of joint pathology (inflammatory, traumatic, degenerative or in situations of joint immobilization).

Usage advice:

Administer 1 ml per day, for every 10 kg of animal weight. In animals over 40 kg, do not exceed a total dose of 4 ml per day. Adjust the volume to be administered through the plunger. It should be administered directly into the animal's mouth. In acute situations or at the beginning of use, you can double the recommended dose for a period of 15 days.