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Oenobiol Captador 3 em 1 60cápsulas
Oenobiol Captador 3 em 1 60cápsulas

Oenobiol Pickup 3 in 1 60 capsules

Patented 100 fiber complex% natural products recommended for overweight people.

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Oenobiol Pickup 3 in 1 is a medical device specially developed to assist the diet of overweight adults (BMI> 25), thanks to its patented complex composed of 100 fibers% from carrots, oats and apples.


  • Medical device with three key actions: it captures part of the fats, it captures the fast sugars and slows down the assimilation of the slow sugars and thus reduces the absorption of calories. It also helps to increase the feeling of satiety.
  • Taken immediately at the beginning of lunch and dinner, the patented complex included in the capsules acts on the stomach to capture part of the fats and sugars.
  • This allows you to reduce a part of the calories obtained from food. Its elimination is done by natural means.
  • Captures an average of 50% of the calories absorbed.
  • Contains gluten.

Directions for use:

Take two capsules with a glass of water at the beginning of lunch and dinner. Take a 5-day break after the first pack.