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Easyslim Detox Plus Pineapple Flavor 500ml

Food supplement indicated to reduce fluid retention, excess fat.

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Easyslim Detox Plus is a food supplement with a complete and balanced formula that contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.


  • It contains in its formulation a careful selection of plants such as artichoke, fennel, peppermint, horse chestnut, orthosyphus, among others.
  • It also contains levocarnitine and B vitamins. Levocartine promotes a significant reduction in total fat mass. Vitamin B2 helps maintain daily vitality and energy.
  • Artichoke, peppermint and anise, on the other hand, favor digestion and reduce flatulence, useful properties in a weight loss program. To these, extracts of plants such as ulmaria, orthosyphus, taraxaco and horsetail were associated, present in this complex due to its important diuretic action.
  • Pineapple flavor.

Usage advice:

Dilute 25ml of the product in 1.5L of mineral water and take throughout the day, preferably outside of meals. As it is a plant-based product, it is normal to create a deposit, so it must be shaken before taking it.

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