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Isdin Germisdin Aloe Vera Higiene Corporal 500ml

Isdin Germisdin Aloe Vera Body Care 500ml

Soap-free shower gel with Aloe vera and antiseptic agents that respects skin balance.

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Isdin Germisdin Aloe Vera Body Hygiene Shower Gel soap-free with antiseptic ingredients that cleans, moisturizes and helps relieve itching. Recommended for dry or pruritus skin.


  • Cleans, moisturizes and helps relieve itching thanks to Aloe Vera, which has a moisturizing action and polydocanol (laureth-9), which helps relieve itching.
  • Skin hygiene with agents that prevent the proliferation of microorganisms.
  • Skin protection due to its acidic physiological pH which guarantees the antiseptic effect and respects the hydrolipidic mantle.
  • Extra-smooth texture and easy to rinse.
  • Dermatologically tested and suitable for delicate skin.

Directions for use:

Apply daily to previously moistened skin in the bath or shower. Massage until foam and rinse.