Cetosil SG 25L

Cetosil SG 25L

To complete the therapy recommended by your veterinarian for the treatment of ketosis in dairy cows and sheep.

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Ketosil SG is a complementary food to reduce the risk of ketosis.


  • Although Cetosil SG is especially indicated to complete the therapy indicated by the veterinarian for the treatment of ketosis, its effectiveness has been verified in the prevention of ketosis before and after birth, metabolic or digestive situations related to BEN (Negative Energy Balance ) and other undefined situations of immunosuppression, which are the cause of the drops in milk production that occur throughout lactation.
  • Contains ingredients that contain glycogenic energy sources.

Usage advice:

Shake before use. Dairy cows, orally: 3.3dl/cow/day (prevention) or 5.5dl/cow/day (ketosis recovery) immediately after calving. Sheep, orally: 30 to 50ml per head/day (prevention) in the last 10 / 15 days before lambing. Note: It can also be mixed in Unifeed. When recovering from ketosis, follow the instructions of the attending veterinarian. A dietitian or veterinarian's opinion should be sought before using this food or before extending its period of use.