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Cetosil Total 5kg

Total Ketosil 5kg

Indicated for the prevention of ketosis through the supply of glycoforming nutrients that rapidly increase glycogenesis. For dairy cattle and sheep.

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Total Cetosil it is a complementary food that allows a quick recovery after a case of ketosis or reduces the risks by providing glycoformative nutrients that quickly increase glycogenesis.


  • Propylene glycol is a precursor of neoglycogenesis at the hepatic level, which allows an energy supply and a reduction in the BEN (Negative Energy Balance).
  • Niacin activates microbial protosynthesis, neoglucogenesis and limits tissue lipolysis.
  • Methionine, being an essential sulfur amino acid, is not synthesized by the body, so it has to be supplied by food. This amino acid has lipotropic functions that help the liver to process fat.
  • Bearing in mind that all good producing females do not have, at the beginning of lactation, sufficient ingestion capacity to allow them to ingest the necessary energy for the milk production achieved, the best way to face BEN is with adequate supplementation of the constituents of CETOSIL, which promote a marked improvement in liver function.
  • Composition: Molasses, Propylene Glycol, Magnesium Sulphate.

Directions for use:

Cetosil Total is used in "bottle", pure or diluted in water, or mixed in food. To prevent the risk of ketosis: Dairy cows, orally: 3.3 dl or 490 g cow / day, up to 3 to 6 weeks after calving. Sheep, orally: 80 ml per head / day in the last weeks before farrowing up to 3 weeks after farrowing. In the recovery of ketosis: Follow the instructions of the attending veterinarian. Cetosil can be used in drinking water, mixed in unifeed or mixed in food (forages).