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Impromune 20 tablets

Food supplement recommended in dogs and cats, to optimize the response immune.

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IMPROMUNE® is a complementary food recommended in dogs and cats to optimize the immune response, achieving greater efficiency of innate and adaptive responses.

Each tablet contains:
- Nucleoforce®: 585 mg
- AHCC: 315 mg
- Magnesium stearate

IMPROMUNE® contains Nucleoforce®, a specific nucleotide formula developed after studying specific needs in different species of mammals. Nucleotides are semi-essential immunonutrients that, given orally, allow an ideal immune response during periods of immunosuppression.

Nucleoforce® promotes the phagocytic activity of macrophages, as well as their interaction with T cells. It also promotes maturation, proliferation and activity of T lymphocytes.

AHCC is an extract from the mycelium of Lentinus edodes, which promotes the activity of NK cells, as well as the proliferation of macrophages and the differentiation of T cells to Th1.

Different studies have shown a synergistic effect of the combination of Nucleoforce® and AHCC in acting on the innate and adaptive response.

Its use in immunocompromised dogs and cats is recommended, such as situations:

- Infectious processes:
• Bacteria (eg pyoderma), viruses (eg calicivirus, papillomatosis), parasites (eg demodicosis, giardia), fungi (eg mycosis, Malasezzia): for at least 20 days
• Leishmania: for a minimum of 6 months

- Acquired immunosuppression:
• Administration of immunosuppressive drugs (eg, glucocorticoids): before and after treatment, 20 days
• Chemotherapy: before, during and after chemotherapy, 20 days
• Geriatric germline immunological animals: for at least 30 days
• Stress:
◦ Post-surgical or po-trauma stages (eg cesarean sections, pyometrics): for at least 30 days
◦ Breeding (eg lactation, numerous litters): for at least 30 days
◦ Dogs (eg perivacunal period): for at least 20 days
◦Malnutrition: for at least 20 days

Directions for use:

IMPROMUNE® is easy to administer thanks to its excellent palatability. The tablets can be fractionated to facilitate ingestion in smaller animals.

11-25 kg: 1 tablet
> 26 kg: 2 tablets