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Dialix Oxalato 300g
Dialix Oxalato 300g

Dialix Oxalate 300g

Indicated to eliminate and prevent the formation of oxalate, calcium phosphate, urate and cystine stones in dogs and cats.

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High palatability supplement for dogs and cats, indicated to prevent the formation of stones of oxalate, calcium phosphate, urate and cystine, used to eliminate the stones of urate and cystine and to combat metabolic acidosis.

Potassium citrate is a calcium chelating agent that reduces its availability in the urine by reducing the recurrence of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate uroliths.

On the other hand, potassium citrate administered orally alkalizes the urine, which favors the elimination of stones that are formed in acidic conditions such as urate and cystine.

Also for its alkalinizing action, potassium citrate is used to fight metabolic acidosis (ex: chronic kidney disease.)

In the long run, alkalinization of urine increases the risk of bacterial infections. For its prevention, Dialix® Oxalate has in its formula Vaccinium macrocarpon which, due to its high content of proanthocyanidins (PAC), with anti-adhesive action, prevents the fixation of bacteria on the walls of the urinary tract.

Potassium citrate and Vaccinium macrocarpon are in micro-capsules to improve their stability, maximizing their effectiveness during their useful life.

Recent research has shown that the incorporation of fatty acids into the dogs' diet slows down the degeneration of kidney function. The inclusion of Omega 3 and 6 in the Dialix Oxalate formula contributes to the prevention of recurrence of oxalate stones in dogs with impaired renal function.

Directions for use:

Administer 1 measure for every 5 kg of weight per day. Add to food to facilitate acceptance. Do not exceed 30 g per day.