Ipakitine 60g

Ipakitine 60g

Indicated for dogs and cats to support renal function in case of chronic renal failure.

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Ipakitine is composed of chitosan and calcium carbonate, with a high nephroprotective efficacy and has no side effects for the indicated doses.

Chitosan captures uremic toxins in the intestine, preventing their passage into the blood. On the other hand, calcium carbonate limits the absorption of phosphorus by capturing phosphates. The consequence of this double mechanism of action Ipaktine prevents the kidney injury from progressing, thus protecting healthy cells and facilitating your pet's recovery. In addition this treatment provides a reduction in the level of cholesterol in the blood and increases the level of hemoglobin.

Directions for use:

Ipakitine comes in a very palatable powder to mix with food, whether dry or moist.

Administer 1g for each 5kg of the animal's body weight, twice a day for 6 months.