Omnicutis 30 capsules

Omnicutis 30 capsules

More complete dietary treatment of the skin of your dog or cat in cases of inflammation.

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Omnicutis is the most complete dietetic treatment for the skin for all cases in which a continued anti-inflammatory effect and a prolonged improvement in the quality of life without side effects are sought.


  • It contains the highest concentration of the most effective omega 3 ( Ω3 ) (EPA and DHA).
  • Heavily supplemented with all the nutrients needed for fast recovery from dermatological conditions.
  • Indicated in dermatoses and alopecia that respond to essential fatty acids, dermatoses due to vitamin A deficiency, dry dermatoses and seborrhea due to zinc deficiency, in the reduction of the dose of treatments with corticoids and antihistamines whenever they are administered to control allergies and pruritus and in keeping the coat strong and shiny.
Advice for use:
Dogs and cats in a single daily dose (directly into the mouth or mixed with food) according to body weight: 1 capsule per 10 kg.
It is administered for 60 days and repeated periodically throughout the year according to the severity of the situation and its seasonality and at the discretion of the veterinarian.