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Omnimatrix Septifree 50ml

Omnimatrix Septifree 50ml

Healing spray indicated for the initial stages of healing.

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Omnimatrix Septifree is a healing spray specially indicated for the initial stages of healing, where the risk of complications is high.


  • Due to its complete composition, it provides: healing start – allows you to face the initial healing challenges; Convenience of application – it comes in a spray with a pleasant texture and smell, without dyeing the skin and a bitter taste – Dissuasive from licking and biting wounds by the animal.
  • Contains propolis, copper gluconate, with properties recognized in the scientific literature that promote healing, such as: prevention of infections and microbial resistance; promoting debridement and removal of dead tissue; anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect; wound hydration and promotion of granulation.

Directions for use:

Cleanse the lesion and surrounding skin before applying Omnimatrix Septifree. If there are scabs, they should be gently washed until completely removed. Apply Omnimatrix Septifree about 10 cm from the wound to leave a thin protective layer of lotion on the wound surface. For dressings without dressing, apply at least twice a day. Following this, the use of Omnimatrix cream is indicated until the lesion is closed.